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  • Pre-entry Examination for newly Registered Studens of 2018/2019

    CU hosts the admission exam for the academic year 2018/2019 in the Capital University Main hall and the students were busy attending the Supplementry examintions.

    the newly registered students done their pre-entry university examintion under strict supervision and monitoring by the univesity examination board.

  • Schedule for the coming two weeks

    26 Dec, 2017 The Chairperson acts as an impartial voice on the Union Executive; they are there to champion promote transparency, accuracy and accountability. From organising and executing Union Executive Meetings and Union Council, to reviewing the Policy Manual and the Bye-Laws; the Chairperson is a great role to develop
    knowledge and experience of good governance and policy development.

    Also coordinates and directs the Union Executive Committee, acting as the Students’ Union’s chief
    representative and driver of strategy; they proactively seek out activities and relationships that positively influence
    the Students’ Union in any possible way.


    Here is the top 3 Candidates (the Result from transparent Box)

    1. Aydarus Mo’alim Bashiir Adow  (Chairperson)
    2. Haweya Abdirahman Gesey
    3. AbdiHakim Abdiqadir Ahmed



     Abdirahman  Ahmed Ga’al (Vice Chairpereson)


  • Our Commitment

    We are committed to excellence and intend to be unique among Somali universities in the breadth of disciplines we offer, providing wide-ranging opportunities for quality education and personal development and to explore new frontiers of knowledge in areas of national importance, to find unique solutions that improve and transform the current situation of the   war-torn country.  It is seeking to have good collaboration and information sharing with some institutions of its kind working in the same field in different parts of the world.

  • Our Message
    • ‘’If Education is to be the great equalizer which everybody talks about, that means every Student must have access to Capital University and great lecturers ‘’ CU Academic Director  
      Dr Alas Hassan Mohamed
    • We consider ourselves to be agents for a change; we need to combine the excellent academic performance as promised in our motto “Committed to Excellence CU Vice-Chancellor    
      Dr Ahmed Ga’al Ali