After the collapse of Somali central government in 1991, the devastating effect of civil war making the country a failed state for more than two decades and the subsequent complete destruction of the educational system had led the idea to establish the Capital University on 14th May, 2013. This was on the grounds of long activity of a team of Somali professionals whose aim was to resurrect the educational institutions starting from establishing schools first in the past 10 years and now with the vision to fulfill the high school leaving students’ dream in getting a higher education. 

Capital University of Somalia is non-state, non-profit educational institution, supported by the non-profit “Capital Foundation (CAF)” aimed to foster and develop knowledge through engagement of youth in education and research activities.

Since its inception, it has gone on to secure its place as one of the best places in the country to study as it won the support of the local community in recognition of its outstanding innovation in creating the Culture and Languages’ institute, which contributes in building a solid pre-university foundation for students with regard to English language and scientific subjects.

At the moment its main office is in Mogadishu, Somalia, where there was a need to establish the university and there is a plan to open branches in other parts of the country.

We are committed to excellence and intend to be unique among Somali universities in the breadth of disciplines we offer, providing wide-ranging opportunities for quality education and personal development and to explore new frontiers of knowledge in areas of national importance, to find unique solutions that improve and transform the current situation of the   war-torn country.  It is seeking to have good collaboration and information sharing with some institutions of its kind working in the same field in different parts of the world.

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