Capital University of Somalia strives to raise awareness of the importance of education and the utilization of available resources to facilitate learning in the society and bridging the gap of knowledge that exists within the society especially among disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the society.
The mission of Capital University is the advancement of education and embodies the spirit of excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity, outreach, and engagement attained by the professional programs that focus both on research and practice. It provides quality services whereby all these activities of the university are carried out by utilizing the resources and services efficiently and effectively, and to achieve this Mission We:
 Create caring, safe and healthy environments that support student learning;
 Provide innovative opportunities for student learning, especially in the areas of self-knowledge, leadership and communication, and social responsibility;
 Promote individual student achievement and excellence in academic pursuits and beyond;
 Invite individual and collective discovery through relationships, partnerships, and collaborations with students, faculty, staff, parents and other members of our community;
 Challenge students to understand, embrace, and act in accordance with their responsibilities as members and citizen of this country.

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